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I dunno why I haven’t drawn Jinx yet but here she iiis :D

Doodles, especially cause I haven’t put anything up here in a while orz

  1. I just really wanted to draw Saiko wearing this
  2. Pudgy and Yoru trading candy on Halloween (They’re dressed as Mr. Incredible and Jack Jack :D )


OOC; Ugoki and Saiko’s pic was referenced off this scene :D

Update! Read here

TW’sD now updates once a month on a Saturday!

Just a concept for a character I’m still developing < u > Enjoy :D

Kitten Friends

Saiko with a kitten (I tried perspective orz) Based off this post


Close up on Takeo, and the whole pic :D I just enjoy drawing Angel!Takeo a lot LOL


Made a pixel YongSoo, which I’ll probably use for my ask blog, but here it is :D I’ve never made my animations very smooth so this is my first I guess LOL

Doodle page where I practiced drawing eyes with and without a reference, one I did using a tutorial, and then practicing drawing faces/heads again with one of my characters in TW’sD :D That isn’t Apple though LOL

I was gonna sketch-lineart Yoru’s but his sketch looked a lot better and I just cleaned it up a bit LOL

Pirate!Saiko and Pirate!Yoru doodles just because < u >